Circuit challenges
9. A circuit challenge
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What you need to do
Build each of these circuits with two lamps and two cells.
a) A circuit where both lamps are on all of the time at their normal brightness.
b) Add a switch so that one lamp can be switched on and off and the other one is on all of the time.
c) Change the switch so that it switches both lamps on and off together (but they still have their normal brightness).
d) Try setting yourself some challenges.
   Using the circuit builder
  1. Click on a number in the the cell button - this is how many cells will be in your battery
  2. Click on the lamp and switch buttons to put them onto the work area (if you use more than one lamp, before you click for a second one).
  3. Click on the wire button; your cursor will look like a little wire. Click on a connector (e.g. on the cells) and drag to another connector. You should get a wire joining the two together.
  4. Remove a component by dragging it off the work area.