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Electric circuits
3. Circuit challenges
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lamp in series with cell
Picture 3.1. A simple series circuit. Use the circuit challenges to build a circuit like this - as well as more complicated ones.
There are a number of circuit challenges you can try. Click on the challenges to try building the circuits.

Challenge 1 Make a simple series circuit with a cell, a lamp and a switch so that the lamp comes on when you close the switch.
This is like a torch circuit.
Challenge 2 What effect does the number of cells have? Adding cells to a battery and making the lamp brighter.
Challenge 3 Measure current in a simple series circuit. Find out if it gets used up.
Challenge 4 Find out what happens to the current if you change the number of cells in a battery.
Challenge 5 What effect does the number of lamps (in series) have? Try adding lamps in series and see what happens to the brightness.
Challenge 6 Try measuring the current in a series circuit with two lamps. How does it compare with the current in a circuit with a single lamp?
Challenge 7 Make a parallel circuit with a cell and two lamps. Try disconnecting one of the lamps. What happens to the brightness of the other one?
Challenge 8 What is the current at various points in a parallel circuit?
Challenge 9 Build some challenging circuits.
Challenge 10 Build some more challenging circuits with 4 cells.

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