The tour
The nature trail uses pictures from eight locations at two British Energy sites: Heysham and Hinckley. They have been put together into an imaginary nature park for you to explore.

Getting around
To follow the nature trail:
  • use the arrows at the bottom to
    take the tour in sequence
  • use the links in the panoramas
  • click the map button below

Taking the tour
This site uses 360° panorama photos of the nature trail. You can:
   • click and drag to swing them around
   • use shift and ctrl to zoom in and out.

Technical help
The panoramas rely on the QuickTime plug-in for your browser.
Click here to find out more.

Finding things out
Roll your cursor over the panoramas to find information about points of interest – the text will come up in the small screen on the left. You can get even more information and see even more photographs by clicking on the i button. This will open the 'InfoBank' in a new window.