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   Electricity timeline
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The timeline
The worksheets on this page relate to the interactive electricity timeline (a Flash movie). Click here to explore the timeline for yourself.
The worksheets
The worksheets are in portable document format (pdf). They can be viewed and printed using the free pdf reader from Adobe. Click here to go to the Adobe site.

There are six worksheets, a student sheet and Teachers' notes. Click on the links below to download these pdf files. They should download automatically; however, you can right click (Windows) or click and hold (Mac) on link and choose 'download link to disk' from the pop menu.

1. Thermopile (220 k)
2. Chemical actions 1 (196 k)
3. Chemical actions 2 (168 k)
4. Testion electrolysis (208 k)
5. Magnetic induction (212 k)
6. Photoelectric effect (208 k)

Student worksheet (for use with any activity) (132 k)

Teachers notes (436 k).