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Copper in health
 How much is enough? 
Photo of pin head
Picture 2. Although, you could fit the monthly dietary allowance of copper onto a pin head, it is essential to a healthy life.
Recommended Dietary Allowance
According to the World Health Organisation, 1–3 milligrams per day of copper are required to prevent any symptoms of deficit. In the U.S., there is now an official Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for copper, which highlights its importance as part of a balanced diet.

RDAs of copper
Copper Recommended Dietary Allowance
Adult 0.9
Pregnant woman 1.0
Nursing mother 1.3
Why do you think that pregnant women have an increased demand for copper in their diet?

The diet of a pregnant woman must supply the copper necessary for her own body and for that of her growing foetus. Copper plays a crucial role in embryonic growth and development. During the latter stages of pregnancy, the foetus absorbs copper from the mother to build reserves which will be used following birth
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Question 2
The RDA (Recommended Allowance) for copper is mg for a pregnant woman. Copper plays a crucial role in the development of the which starts to copper towards the end of the pregnancy.