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Copper in health
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Picture 1. Copper is used all over our houses. Click here to find out more.
The roles of copper
Copper plays a vital part in shaping our lives. In this collection of resources, you can find out about the biology, chemistry and physics of copper. But first you can discover why copper is important:
in the home It is hidden away in everyday objects around our homes, including phones, water pipes, locks and electrical wiring.
in history People have been using copper since 9000 BC. One of the reasons copper is so important is that it can be made into alloys. That means it can be combined with other metals to make new alloys, like brass and bronze. These are harder, stronger and more corrosion resistant than pure copper.
for its properties It is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat; it is strong, ductile and easily joined by soldering or brazing; and it is hygienic, easy to alloy and resists corrosion.

In this collection, there are six e-source about copper. They are aimed at different science subjects and different ages, as shown here.
11 to 14 14 to 16
Biology Copper for life Copper in health
Chemistry Extracting copper Copper mining
Physics Electromagnets Electric motors

Using these e-sources
There are a number of interactive features in this e-source:

A glossary of terms: any word with a glossary entry ishighlighted. Clicking on the word will open a new window with a definition of that word.

Quick questions: at the end of each page is a quick question to test your understanding of that page. Type in your own answer then click on the button to see how well you did.

Quiz: at the end of each unit, there is a quick quiz to see how well you understand the ideas.

Roll over diagrams: many of the diagrams have highlights or sequences. You can see these by rolling your cursor over part of the picture or part of the text. The text has a roll over highlight.

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