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The big picture
Endothermic and exothermic reactions
Energy conservation and temperature control are important to the success of any large manufacturing industry. Some of the processes involved in the production of steel take in energy while others release energy.

In the Blast Furnace, for example, the thermal decomposition of limestone takes in energy (Reaction 3). Reactions which take in energy are endothermic. Other processes in the steel plant offset these energy losses. The Basic Oxygen Steelmaking furnace needs no heating at all because the reactions that take place in it are strongly exothermic. Such reactions release energy to their surroundings. In fact, the BOS reactions are so violently exothermic that a coolant must be used in the furnace to control the temperature.
Question 3.

What would happen to the temperature of the surroundings when each of the following takes place?

(a) an exothermic reaction
(b) an endothermic reaction