4. What young scientists do at Corus
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Tom Dowden
Picture 4.8 Meet Tom Dowden. As a graduate recruit, Tom has a varied job, working in the laboratoryand in his office.
Meet a scientist
Tom Dowden joined Corus RD&T after completing a masters degree in Chemical Physics at the University of Sheffield. He is based at the Corus UK Technology Centre, at Swinden Labs in Rotherham. As part of his research for Corus, Tom is studying for a PhD with the University of Sheffield Chemistry department. The project is an investigation into the formation and behaviour of polyurethane foams in the construction of composite panels. This involves a combination of experimental chemistry and modelling techniques.

Although this project takes up the majority of his time, Tom is involved with other projects in the department, including analysing samples using XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) and SIMS (secondary ion mass spectrometry).

Although Tom’s background is based in pure science, he has always had a strong interest in applied science and engineering. This is an area that he has been enthusiastic about since primary school. This is one of the reasons that he has got involved with the Science Ambassadors Scheme, which sends young people from industry into schools to teach science and engineering.

Tom is on the Corus graduate training programme, which involves regular courses on team building and management skills. He is also working towards chartered status via the Institute of Physics, Professional Development Scheme.

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  • Corus recruit and train many scientists up to graduate and PhD level