Safety and the environment
Oil and the environment
Photo of conatining slick
Fawley oil refinery and sea terminal

The oil industry takes great care to protect the environment. However, occasionally an oil tanker accidentally spills oil into the sea. If it isn't cleared up, the spilt oil can damage sea birds and other animals. It can also make a mess on rocks and beaches. If oil is spilt, the oil company tries to stop it from spreading and will remove it when this is practical.

Oil and other fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide when we burn them. Too much carbon dioxide can trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere, leading to global warming. That's why we are trying to cut back on burning these fuels.

Plastic is made from oil. Getting rid of old plastic is a problem because it does not rot away. It is best to try to recycle plastic.

It is quite rare for tankers to lose their load. When this happens, the oil floats on the waters surface, making an oil slick.

The special rubber ring contains the slick. Tug ships drag the ring around the slick to stop it from spreading