Jobs in oil
Jobs in labs and offices
The oil industry provides many thousands of jobs in Britain. Not all of them involve getting your hands dirty!
Photo of scientists
Scientists in a lab

Scientists work in oil company labs around the country. They are looking for

  • new things to make with oil products
  • new ways of refining the oil
  • ways of testing the products from a refinery
Photo of geologist
Examining rock samples..

Geologists are experts in rocks. They look for places that might hold oil. A geologist is a rock expert.

This geologist is examining some rock samples. They have been drilled out at a test site.

He is looking for gaps in the rock that might hold oil.

Geologists also use computers and charts. They use surveys showing the layers of rock.

Photos of workers
Fawley oil refinery and sea terminal

Support staff. Oil companies employ thousands of people. The whole operation depends on good support.

Oil companies rely on good support staff. Some of these work in offices. But helicopter pilots and firefighters get some fresh air!