Jobs in oil
Jobs on an oil platform

There are many types of job on an oil platform. Some of them require a degree and others are more physical.

Engineer photo
Cathy is one of the women on the platform.

Engineers. The Captain platform has two engineers. Udeni, the production engineer, maximises the output from the wells. Cathy, the process engineer, looks after the equipment that separates the crude mixture.

Chemist. There is a resident chemist on most platforms. The chemist will test samples of the crude oil mixture from the wells to help develop and optimise ways of treating it.

Being a self contained unit, the platform also needs support staff including a medical officer, a head steward, a safety officer and, in overall charge, the offshore installation manager.

Divers are brought in from the mainland to check the underwater structures.

There are a number of heavy jobs for riggers, drillers and derrickmen. The work is hard but the rewards are good.

Diver photo
Divers are brought in for specific checks and jobs.