Jobs in oil
Jobs in a refinery

Fawley oil refinery employs 1,400 people regularly and has 900 permanent staff. There are many different jobs – some of them are technical and others are for support.

Engineer photo
Working in an oil refinery.

Engineers. There are many different engineers on site: chemical engineers, process engineers and production engineers. They are responsible for running the refining processes as effciiently as possible.

Environmental scientists. The refinery uses thousands of tonnes of water every hour for cooling and for steam. This is cleaned and returned to the environment under the supervision of an environmental team.

Maintanance. The machinery, pipes and equipment on the refinery are all looked after by a maintanance team.

As well as the specialist scientists, engineers and technicians, the permanent staff includes office staff, firefighters and nurses. Other employees are taken on for specialist projects such as the recent installation of a new catalytic cracker.