Jobs in oil
Jobs in an oil refinery: maintanance
Photo of worker
Maintaining the refinery hardware.

My name is Mark Selwood. I’ve been working at Fawley since I left school. I followed my father who also worked here. I didn’t want a desk job; instead it’s practical, hands on work that has always interested me.

I began as an apprentice and my employers have supported my further education and training by allowing me to have day release to take City and Guilds courses at the local F.E college

Working in maintenance at Fawley gives me plenty of scope to do the sort of jobs I enjoy most. Although I have to cope with paperwork I keep it under control. A lot of my record keeping involves using computers and so I have developed these skills.

I have to make sure that the site runs smoothly and that all the important maintenance jobs are carried out. I plan the jobs that need doing but I sometimes have to deal with unexpected problems as they arise. I make sure the maintenance workforce know what they are doing and carry their tasks out properly and on time. I have to deal with a variety of people and lead them in a way that helps them to achieve success.

I start work at 6.45 hrs when I go through any new jobs that have arisen overnight. I then get the team started on work we have planned. I tour the site as necessary to check at first hand what needs doing. I plan ahead for jobs that will need doing in the future, so I have to look at the labour and materials we’ll need.

We have a meeting each day to discuss site issues. Later I check around the site again to see that maintenance work is being carried out efficiently and safely. My working day ends at about 16.00 hrs when I hand over to the next shift.