Jobs in oil
Jobs on an oil platform: stewards
Photo of steward
The head steward is responsible for the catering (including baking fresh bread every day).

Living on an oil platform is like staying in a hotel (albeit a rather remote one).

It is the stewards who play the crucial role of looking after all the domestic needs of the crew. They prepare and serve the food and they look after the laundry, cleaning and tidiness of the accommodation areas.

The stewards also ensure that the platform accommodation is clean, tidy and all the laundry is done.

They are proud of their work - especially on the day of this visit because they were being assessed for the Scottish Healthy Choices Award. They were given the Highly Commended award.

All the food is freshly prepared and bread, croissants and doughnuts are all freshly baked. The crew like fresh fruit, seafood and, of course, chips. There'd be a riot if chips weren't on offer!