Oil platforms
Oil rigs are used to drill exploration wells to look for oil. And oil platforms are used to drill into an oil field to extract the oil. There are several different types of oil rig and platform.
Graphic of platform heights
Some of the types of oil pltform. Notice how tall they are compared with the BT tower in London. The water in the North Sea is often over 200 metres deep.
This floating rig is used to drill test holes and find oil. It is held in place by anchor chains or computer-controlled propellers.
Some oil rigs are like huge ships which are held by anchors.

Drilling platform
Oil platforms are huge structures. Some have concrete legs that sit on the sea bed. They had to be made in a shipyard and towed out to sea.

Other platforms have metal legs - sometimes they are jacked up.

People who work on oil platforms have to go to work by helicopter.

Photo of building platform legs
These legs are being built for a platform in the Brent oil field. They are over 200 metres tall. That's the length of two full size football pitches end to end.
North Sea oil platform
An oil platform is like a small village. The people live and work on the platform.