Jobs in oil
Jobs on an oil platform: OIM

The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) is the equivalent of a ship's captain. He is in overall charge of the platform, its crew and its operations.

Each day there is a meeting to discuss the previous day's activities and plan for the next day. The OIM will take a report from each of the people in charge of the technical areas of the operation (drilling, production, processing, offloading and others). The OIM may also confer with people on shore.

On the day of our visit, as well as arranging our safe tour, the OIM was dealing with an issue with one of the electromagnetic pigs. These are sent down the pipes to clean them and this one had tripped out due to high discharge pressure.

The job is varied and interesting and involves many of the skills needed to manage a small business - leadership, motivation, awareness of regulations and, above all, attention to safety. The difference between the job of an OIM and a small business manager is that the OIM is out at sea for two weeks out of every five.