Safety on an oil platform

Safety is the number one concern on an oil platform. It becomes a real part of daily life that everyone considers the safety aspects of everything that they do.

Safety boat
The safety boat is always on standby near the platform. Should anyone fall into the sea, they will be rescued quickly. The boat crew have frequent training exercises.

Most platforms have a safety officer who will organise safety drills and check the safety procedures. These include:

  • wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when working on the platform
  • keeping a log of the jobs that are being carried out so as to avoid any conflicts
  • monitoring the number of people working in particular areas
  • checking the resonse time of the safety vessel, which is always patrolling by the platform.

As well as safety on the platform, the helicopter trip involves other safety procedures. Workers have to take a safety training course and wear a special flight suit.

Helicopters are used to safely ferry workeers to and from the platform.