Safety in an oil refinery
Safety committee
This committe of firefighters and safety officers are planning a fire drill. Different safety committees are made up of different sets of personnel to ensure that everyone is involved in planning safety procedures.

Safety is of paramount importance in an oil refinery. It is a part of the culture of the refinery. Everyone is involved in developing the regulations and procedures that keep the work safe. In this way, anyone who works in the refinery feels a part of the safety system and will always be sure to work safely and help others work safely.

Every incident, however minor, is investigated to learn new safety lessons.

All the routine jobs on the refinery are devised with high safety standards. No work can be carried out on the refinery without a permit - this ensures that the control room operators always know where work is being done and can prevent jobs overlapping.

Whenever personnel go out onto the refinery site, they have to wear safety clothing, known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) varies slightly depending on the job.

There is always a protective suit and boots. Often, it will include gloves and goggles and, in some work environments, ear defenders.

PPE graphic