What are materials made of?
        1. Introduction
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An everyday word?
What do we mean by a ‘material’? Scientists use the word material when they talk about the things around us: the wood in a tree; the metal in a can; even parts of the body like muscles.

To help us understand materials, we often group them. The simplest groups are the states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.

We will look at them in the first secion of this electronic resource (e-source). We will then go on to look at more ideas about materials.

Photo of materials - fabric bolts
We often use the word material to describe fabrics. However, it has a much broader meaning.

The e-source is split into 4 units:
  1. Solids, liquids and gases
  2. When materials mix
  3. Separating material mixtures
  4. Elements and compounds
Using this e-source
There are a number of interactive features in this e-source:

A glossary of terms: any word with a glossary entry is highlighted like that. Clicking on the word will open a new window with a definition of that word.

Quick questions: at the end of each page is a quick question to test your understanding of that page. Type in your own answer then click on the button to see how well you did.

Quiz: there is a quick quiz at the end of the e-source. This will help you see how well you understand the ideas.

Roll over diagrams: many of the diagrams have highlights or sequences. You can see these by rolling your cursor over part of the picture or part of the text. The text has a roll over highlight like that.

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