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British Clipper Bidston Hill.

British Clipper Bidston Hill
This painting of the British Clipper Bidston Hill off Calcutta, is on display at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, Savannah, Georgia, USA.

It is by a chinese painter Kwong Sang (listed as c. 1860, date not on painting). An additional reference lists the Bidston Hill as a four-masted iron ship built in 1886.

1886 November
Launched at the shipyard of T. Royden & Sons., Liverpool, for W. Price & Co., Liverpool. The first master was Captain Lambert.

Dismasted off Cape Horn and had to seek refuge at Port Stanley, Falkland Islands. The subsequent repairs required seven months.

Re-rigged as a four-masted barque.

31st July 1905
Wrecked at Cape Furneaux, Staten Island, under command of Captain J. Kendall. The entire crew was later rescued by an Argentian steamer.

A photograph by George Schutze is available at the State Library of Victoria, Australia.

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