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Insight into marine science
Observatory history

Sir George Howard Darwin 1845-1912
Sir George Darwin was an English astronomer, who was the second son of the famous naturalist Charles Darwin.

Sir George was the first person to develop a theory of evolution for the Sun-Earth-Moon system based on mathematical analysis in geophysical theory, computing where each would be at a specific time.

He became Plumian Professor of astronomy and experimental philosophy at Cambridge University in 1883. His famous analysis of tides, based on methods developed by Pierre-Simon Laplace and Lord Kelvin, was published in1884. 'The Tides and Kindred Phenomena in the Solar System" was published in 1898.

Sir George Darwin became President of The Royal Astronomical Society in 1899 , and President of the British Association a few years later. He was made Knight Commander of the Bath in 1905.

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