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Products E. coli 0157 Ecosystems Educating the New Pasteur Ethics morality and crop biotecnology Feed the World Fermentation- CD rom Food for our Future Food for thought- Crop Protection Project Food Technology From molecules to medicine Fungi in fermenters Gamma-linolenic acid Genetically engineered bacteria Genetically Modified Food Growth Industry Helicobacter pylori HIV and AIDS A resource pack Immunity and Health Insulin from yeast Intimate Strangers Unseen Life on Earth Investigations Issues Journal of Biological Education Lactic acid bacteria Lactic acid bacteria their uses in food Life and death in the compost Life and Death in the Compost Life Saving Science Light Microscopy Living Biology in Schools Managing risk assessment in science L196 Medicines and drugs the facts Medicines health and you (1 and 2) Microbes and minning Microbes and Man Microbes at Work Microbes Bugs and Wonder Drugs Microbial Engine Microbial Friends and Allies Microbial Pollutants in our Nations Water Microbiology National Food Safety Report New Scientist Practical Biotechnology Prevention or Cure Recombinant DNA Technology Safeguards in the School Laboratory Safety in Science Education Schools Science Review Science at work 14-16 Science at work: How living things work Society for General Microbiology Quarterly Standard Grade Biotechnology The discovery of penicillin The Great Malaria Problem The Living World The new biotechnologies opportunities and challenges Topics in Safety "Understanding Germs Hygiene and Health" Understanding skin Understanding the Science of food Water Welsh Water Yeast Matters