Microbes and food 3. Food producers
3.3 Fungal foods
Mushrooms photo
Picture 3.3a There is a wide variety of mushroom available in the supermarket.

Fungal foods

Cultivated mushrooms
These fruiting bodies of certain filamentous fungi are microbes that we eat whole. They are produced in mushroom farms by a carefully controlled process. The familiar field mushroom is now being joined on the supermarket shelves by more exotic types like shitake and oystercaps.

Quorn photo
Picture 3.3b Quorn can be used as chunks, as mince or in sausages.


Quorn™ is popular food with vegetarians. It is made by growing the filamentous fungus Fusarium venenatum in a fermenter and harvesting the threads (hyphae) of the fungus. Natural flavourings are added. The final fibrous product is a healthy high protein, low fat alternative to meat.