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                        The nuclear debate
So many questions . . . .
Take on the machine
You can take part in an on-line debate about nuclear waste, how to cope with it and what we should do in the future.

In the debate, you can have a discussion with a virtual devil's advocate (DA). DA will make some assertions and you can choose a response that most closely matches your view. At any stage, you can send in a free text response. DA will not respond to the free text response but we will log it and may use it at a later date.

Click on the links below to take on a role:

in favour of nuclear power

against nuclear power

Measure your views
Before you try the nuclear debate, you might like to see how your current opinions compare with other those of other teenagers by filling in our quetsionnaire. You could even try doing the questionnaire before and after you have the debate and see if your views change at all.