How this handbook is arranged

This web site covers the contents of both volumes of the Salters' Chemistry Club Handbook. The first and last sections are common to both handbooks. However, each handbook has its own set of practical activities (in section 2).

All of the pages for the handbook are available to download as pdf (portable document format) files. For safety reasons, the practical activities are only available in this format. You can get the activities as individual pdf files or in a bulk pdf file.

The three sections

Section 1: About Chemistry Clubs
You are currently in this section. It gives background on the Salters' Chemistry Clubs and this handbook.

Section 2: Practicals for Chemistry Clubs (pdf downloads)
Consists of innovative practicals ranging from ‘pump priming’ demonstrations through short lunch-time experiments to longer open ended investigations.

Activities include successful experiments from previous Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry as well as classic demonstrations and chemical problem-solving exercises. A sub-section on safety is included.


The activities are grouped together by their level of difficulty. So, for example, all the basic level activities are available from a single page. However, they are split into two indexes - one for each handbook volume.

Section 3: Sources for Chemistry Clubs
Includes information on how to form links with local industry, organisations promoting science, sources of support material, information about previous Festivals, suppliers of unusual items and chemicals and advice on how to advertise club activities.

For further information on The Salters' Institute's Activities, including Salters' Festivals of Chemistry and Salters' Chemistry Camps, please view the web site at

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