Why start a chemistry club?
‘It made me appreciate lunchtimes!’
One purpose of any extra-curricular activity is to have fun. But a chemistry club can do a lot more besides.

It can:

enrich the curriculum by making chemistry enjoyable for pupils of all abilities.

  • The club’s informal atmosphere will enable you to develop relationships with pupils by sharing your interests as a working scientist.
  • You can demonstrate that chemistry is much more than an academic subject by showing your pupils what an exciting place a laboratory can be.
  • You can tap into your pupils’ interests (e.g. conservation, environmental issues, health, design) to demonstrate the relevance of chemistry to life outside school.
  • A chemistry club provides ready-made demonstrations for school science fairs, chemistry celebrations and displays for visitors to the department including parents, prospective pupils and OFSTED inspectors.
  • Enthusiastic pupils are your school’s best ambassadors! Pupils have the opportunity to forge links with outside agencies, including local industry and academic institutions, in seeking help with their chemistry club projects.
  • Every successful collaboration between your chemistry club and local academic or industrial organisations gives you the opportunity to publicise your school and the science department via the local press, radio or TV.

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