Why develop your club into a Salters’ Chemistry Club?

‘Everyone in our team has become really good friends. It's well worth doing - I can thoroughly recommend starting up a Club if you haven't already.’

Steve Thompson - teacher at Westwood High School

‘The Salters’ Company is proud of the enjoyment, energy and enthusiasm for chemistry generated in the Salters’ Chemistry Clubs.’

Dr. Alan Mawson - Chairman of the Salters’ Chemistry Club
When you register as a Salters’ Chemistry Club your Club will receive copies of our regular newsletter A Pinch of Salt!, which contains advance information on the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry and the Salters' Chemistry Camps, together with a variety of competitions and quizzes.

As a teacher you may find that by running a Salters’ Chemistry Club you will be furthering your personal development.

How your pupils benefit
The keynote of any Salters’ Chemistry Club is fun!

By entering a Salters’ Festival of Chemistry your pupils will enjoy a fun-filled day out. They will have the opportunity to experience a university department and to meet enthusiastic chemists of all ages, which helps to dispel the ‘strange scientist’ image. Pupils will have the opportunity to carry out investigations or to take part in chemical ‘egg races’ and may even win cash prizes for their school chemistry department. All pupils who take part in a Festival receive participation certificates and fun prizes.

For further information on The Salters' Institute's Activities, including Salters' Festivals of Chemistry and Salters' Chemistry Camps, please view the web site at www.saltersinstitute.co.uk

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