What happens during a Salters’ Festival of Chemistry?

‘It was a great challenge working against the clock but also trying to be accurate in the problem-solving activity.’

12 year old pupil at Hemsworth High School

‘. . . the pupils inadvertently squirted Lord Lewis with their chemical fire extinguisher, almost knocked Lord Porter over with their equipment and got to meet many enthusiastic chemists, both young and old, from all over the country.’

Elaine Wilson - Salters’ Teacher Medallist
A Salters’ Festival of Chemistry lasts for one day. Every Festival is different but can include the following types of events.
  • During the morning teams take part in a competitive hands-on practical activity, "The Salters' Challenge", for which no advance preparation is required.
  • Pupils are expected to be able to explain the activity or the experiments they have demonstrated when questioned by the judges.
  • In the afternoon teams take part in a competitive hands-on practical activity, the "University Challenge".
  • The afternoon may include a Chemical Magic Show (or similar activity) while the judges make their final decisions.
  • The day finishes with the announcement of winners, presentation of prizes and certificates and the taking of photographs.
Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry are well promoted and there will be opportunities to publicise your school. (Something to plan for in advance and exploit!)
A VIP may present the prizes and representatives from the local press, TV and radio, and official photographers may be present. Draft press releases are available before and after the Festivals for you to adapt.

Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry are sponsored by a variety of industrial companies so you have an opportunity to meet local and national representatives of industries that are supporting science in schools.

Further information on the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry will be available on the Salters' Company web-site at www.salters.co.uk.

For details of how to register with The Salters’ Chemistry Club:

  • telephone on 020 7628 5962
  • fax to: 020 7638 3679
  • write to The Salters’ Chemistry Club, Salters’ Hall, Fore Street, London EC2Y 5DE.
  • e-mail: club@salters.co.uk

‘We are delighted to be involved with the Salters' Festivals of Chemistry. They provide a valuable opportunity for young people across the UK to celebrate chemistry and have fun!’

Jane Gamble – Group Education Links Development Manager, ICI

For further information on The Salters' Institute's Activities, including Salters' Festivals of Chemistry and Salters' Chemistry Camps, please view the web site at www.saltersinstitute.co.uk

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