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On this page, you can download the teachers' notes for all the activities. They are split into two groups according to which Chemistry Club handbook they first appeared in. You might choose to download the larger files that have all the teachers' notes for each volume.

The teachers' notes are also available on the download pages for the activities.

All the files are in portable document format (pdf). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. This is freely available from the Adobe site.

Safety warning
All of these activities should be carried out in a laboratory under the supervision of a qualified Chemistry teacher. When you select an activity, you will be asked to confirm that this is the case. Only then will you get a link to download that activity.
Volume 1   (Teachers' notes from volume 1)
Title Level
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1–4 Alien Blood and Messy Volcanoes, Chemical Magic, Crunchy Foam and Microwave Meringues, Crystal Growing B
5–7 Fire Extinguisher, Floating Soap Bubbles, pH Painting at Home B
8–10 Rainbow Reaction, Smell Molecules - Ancient and New!, T-shirt Chromatography B
11–13 Cooking is chemistry!, Dyeing your eggs, Fire writing B/I
14–17 Hand warmers, One pot copper reactions, Secret writing, The Apothecary's cocktail B/I
18–23 A magic box, Burning food, Chemistry in the 23rd century, Hydrogen balloons, Silver fractals, Slime with a twist I
24 Chemical problems to solve I/H
25 Clock reactions I/H
26–29 Electroplating faces, Strengthening ice, Technicolour fun, Create your own chemistry trail I/H
30 Naples blood H
Volume 2   (Basic activities from volume 2)
Title Level
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1 Crystal Gardens B
2 Fake Stained Glass B
3–7 Bouncing Custard Balls, A Gas Cannon, King Kong’s Hand, Bath Bombs, Custard Behaving Strangely B
8–10 The Blushing Buttonhole, Fizzy Dancing, Disappearing Worms B
11–18 Magic Sand, Mystery Metal, Hard Evidence, Investigating Smarties And M&Ms, The Secret of the Disposable Nappy, Make a snowflake, Washing soda stalactites, Which glue is stronger? B/I
19–23 'Eggsperiment', Paper–making, Silvered glass balls, Electroplating a design, What colour are leaves really? I
24–29 Making and colouring glass beads, Making a blueprint, Find the combination of the safe, Powerpoint assignment on elements, Fizzing in the kitchen, Investigating shampoos I/H

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