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The importance of industrial contacts to a successful Salters’ Chemistry Club
As a chemistry teacher you have the great advantage of working in a laboratory which can be an exciting, even theatrical, place.

However, there are some aspects of chemistry for which you need to establish links with practising scientists in research and industry.

Through such industrial contacts you can:

  • acquire up to date facts and figures
  • give your pupils an idea of the economic importance and environmental impact of chemistry in the modern world
  • promote chemistry as an activity which can improve standards of living worldwide by providing cleaner water, more food and better drugs for fighting disease.

Young scientists are naturally curious and creative. If you can give them opportunities, through a Salters’ Chemistry Club, to do experimental work with an input from you and your colleagues and inventive and expert people from industry, the results can be very rewarding.

If you're lucky such contacts may lead to other spin-offs such as loans or gifts of apparatus, but beware of accepting items which may not be safe for school science or for which you do not have an immediate use. However it is the meeting of minds and the sharing of information that is really important.

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