Suppliers of unusual items
B&H Liquid Crystal Devices
Develop colour changing cards, stickers, moulded plastic items and light reactive inks,
heat sensitive mouse mats and liquid style thermometers.
B&H Liquid Crystal Devices Ltd,
7 Hardwicks Way, London SW18 4AW

Tel: 0208 877 1233    Fax: 0208 877 0784

Capricorn Chemicals (Glowbug Division)
Supply luminescent colours and fluorescent pigments, including UV reactive ones. Capricorn Chemicals (Glowbug Division),
Lisle Lane, Ely, Cambs. CB7 4AS

Tel: 01353 664974    Fax: 01353 668801

Supply dyes (including madder and logwood), specialist books and equipment for dyeing. Fibrecrafts,
Old Portsmouth Rd, Peasmarsh,
Guildford GU3 1LZ

Tel: 01483 565800    Fax: 01483 565807

Gordon Elliott
Supplies reasonably priced toys, badges using liquid crystals, holograms and microlenses. Gordon Elliott,
Stone Cottage, Tickerage Lane,
Blackboys, E Sussex TN22 5LX

Tel: 01825 890491

Scientific Explorer
Produce kits such as Make your own perfume, Greek Science etc.

Available from the Science Museum, London and other museum shops.

Scientific Explorer,
2802E Madison, Suite 114, Seattle WA 98112

Sigma Aldrich Chemical
Supply a wide range of chemicals (including luminol) and also have periodic table mouse mats, mugs and laboratory equipment. Advice available from Technical Services Dept. Sigma Aldrich Chemical Co.
The Old Brickyard, New Road,
Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4XT

Tel: 0800 717181    Fax: 0800 378538
Sales line: 0800 378785

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