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How can this handbook help?
Why start a Chemistry club?
How to start a Chemistry Club
How to start a Chemistry Club - Recruiting members
How to start a Chemistry Club - Keeping going
Why develop your club into a Salters' Chemistry Club
What happens at a Salters' Festival of Chemistry?


Safety (2)

Basic level worksheets
Basic / Intermediate level worksheets
Intermediate level worksheets
Intermediate / High and High level worksheets
Puzzles and Games
Teachers' notes
Teacher demonstrations


The importance of making industrial contacts
Making contact with the industry
Salters' mentor scheme
Helpful organisations
Suppliers of unusual items
Other web sites
Other sources of information
Advertising your Club


Section 1 - About Chemistry Clubs
Preamble (pages i to iv of volumes 1 and 2)
About Chemistry Clubs (pages i to 13 of volumes 1 and 2)
Risk Assesment form (page 13 of volumes 1 and 2)
List of activities volume 1 (page 14)
List of activities volume 2 (page 14)

Section 2 - Practical activities
Basic level activities
Basic/Intemediate level activities
Intermediate level activities
Intermediate/High and High level activities

Section 3 - Sources for Chemistry Clubs

Sources for Chemistry Clubs (page 94 to 100 of volumes 1 and 2)



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