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Picture 1.7a Some Quorn™ chunks, sausages and mince.

1.7 Quorn™
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What is it?
Edible fungi are a good source of protein and minerals. As well as the familiar mushrooms, mycoprotein has been on sale to the public as Quorn™ since 1985. It is the filamentous mycelium of Fusarium venenatum, which was originally isolated from soil. The product is sold in pieces, as sausages or burgers to be cooked and as the major ingredient of a selection of ‘Ready Meals’.
How is it produced?
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The fungus is grown in a fermenter on a continuous cycle. It lives in a nutrient solution of glucose and ammonium salts. A filter removes the hyphae. They are then washed and pasteurised. Natural flavourings are added. Quorn™ is a fibrous, low fat product which contains 44% protein. It is often used as a meat substitute because the thready mycelium has a stringy texture like meat fibres.

See www.mycoproteineducation.com for detailed information on Quorn™.