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Periodic table
Picture 1.1 There are over 109 different elements.
Atoms are, we think, the basic building blocks of matter. We know of over a hundred different types of atom - one for each of the elements *.

So what are atoms? Do they have anything inside them? And where did they come from? In this electronic resource (e-source) we will try to answer these questions.

In 2002, there are 115 known elements. However, those above 109 are highly unstable and have been made in only tiny quantities.
The e-source is split into 4 chapters:
  1. Inside atoms and elements
  2. Inside the nucleus
  3. Splitting the atom
  4. Back to the beginning

To find out more about the fundamental particles in our Universe, the Standard Model and the Big Bang, take a look at the e-source "A world of particles".

Using this e-source
There are a number of interactive features in this e-source:

A glossary of terms: any word with a glossary entry is highlighted like that. Clicking on the word will open a new window with a definition of that word.

Quick questions: at the end of each page is a quick question to test your understanding of that page. Type in your own answer then click on the button to see how well you did.

Quiz: at the end of each unit, there is a quick quiz to see how well you understand the ideas.

Roll over diagrams: many of the diagrams have highlights or sequences. You can see these by rolling your cursor over part of the picture or part of the text. The text has a roll over highlight like that.

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