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This electronic resource is aimed particularly at students following the Edexcel Physics course at GCSE. However, it may be of interest to other GCSE students and A. A2/AS students. It is hoped that teachers will find it useful and informative as well.

There will be pdf files of teachers' notes, the whole e-source and some possible activities. These will be posted when they have been developed.

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The current theory as we know it model
The history of the search for and the discovery of the new particles history
Big Bang
The story of the Universe and how the particles came into existence Big Bang
This electronic resource (e-source) was funded by the Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) and British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL). We are grateful for the help and advice given by Catherine Wilson and Steven Chapman at the Institute of Physics. We are also grateful for the technical guidance of Dr Jon Butterworth from University College London.
The story so far
  • Everything in the Universe is either matter of radiation
  • Scientists are always trying to find simple ways of modelling matter and the way it behaves